Fire Flows Set the Screen Ablaze in New Rap Video

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A rap music video inspired by the time the crew went to Goodwill and discovered their used suit collection. It goes without saying, but the whole squad got freshly fitted shortly thereafter, all while staying on budget, and we haven’t looked back since.

Viewing this hilarious rap music video is a profound experience containing many awe-inspiring shots and scenes, such as:

A coastal Maine beachfront wedding on the sand uniting none other than Ike Lemon and Sad Llama;

A guitar catching fire when Poppa Josh rocks too hard for it to handle;

A tense exchange of a briefcase full of neckties in a shady parking garage basement;

A goofy group of guys fooling around in Goodwill;

A psychedelic jam featuring the four-piece band “Leaf” providing the most groovy instrumental.

$uper Cash, who has over a decade of experience making rap music videos, leads this team. Also on the team is Poppa Josh, handling production and SHREDDING the guitar, MC² coming in with FIRE bars, Sad Llama and Ike Lemon providing the most HEART WARMING duet known to anyone with ears, and Caleb (Emanuel) Vickery laying down a DELECTABLE keys solo.

$uper Cash’s name is often spelled “Super Cash,” and he is also known as Soup or Cash Cassidy.

Poppa Josh is also known as Josh Libby and plays in the band Leaf.

MC²’s name is pronounced “Emcee Squared” and is often spelled “MC Squared” or “MC2,” and he is also known as Matt Conley.

Sad Llama is also known as Yams or Tyler Brown.

Ike Lemon is also known as Isac Wheaton-Connors.

Caleb (Emanuel) Vickery is also known as, quite simply, Caleb Vickery, and he also plays in the band Leaf.

David Rice served as director of photography.

We shot the whole video in Maine, and more specifically, the thrift shop shots in the Maine Mall Road Goodwill in South Portland, the cypher scene at Thomas Knight Park in South Portland, the garage scenes in the University of Southern Maine parking garage in Portland, the wedding scene at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, and the jam scene in Leaf’s studio in Cape Elizabeth.


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