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I go by BigWhoaaa, I’m from Stockton CA. I didn’t grow up in a luxury lifestyle my upbringing was rough. Everything I got I had to get on my own, out the mud. Forcing me to live a chase the bag lifestyle I turned to music at a young age. Music has been a part of my life and thrive since I was a little boy. A few artists that inspired me growing up are Ja Rule, Young K, SD, and Chief Keef. Listening to these artists as a youngin it was easy to get influenced. Their flows and bars were delivered every time. I remember listening to certain verses by these artists and just think to myself “I got what it takes to be this big” I felt as if I had a story to tell and can happily say that through my music, I express parts of my life the good, bad, and the real. Music feeds my soul and I know I’m going to be bigger and better than artists like Ja Rule and Chief Keef. Starting from nothing and making it big in the music industry is always going to be my goal.


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BigWhoaaa Rap Artist
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