Monsoon performed by Lance Richards

Monsoon is the first song off the EP Days of Thunder.

Musician: Lance Richards

Genre: Indie Rock, Classic Rock

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“My inspiration is just a deep love for guitar, music, creating.” Lance Richards

Lance Richards delivers an unforgettable performance in “Monsoon” which shares the journey of an enraged woman going through the process of the stages of anger and grief.

With the release of his two full-length albums Friends and Three, “Monsoon” is the San Francisco-based artist’s newest work of art. The scenes in this video show a woman grieving her husband with the memories they had together while also going through different photographs.

It comes together musically to reflect the passion and power that Lance feels when it comes to his music, his personal relationships, and what will become of his legacy. There’s tons of love and care placed into this new single that listeners can see and hear instantly.

Sadness eludes from each lyric and moment with Richards’ vocals putting the scenes into perspective. “Monsoon” is part of his latest EP Days of Thunder, reflecting on the moments when he met the love of his life, Laura.

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