New Indie Sound Sunny The Song Etiquette

This new up and coming band is definitely worth a listen and if you love it share it!.  A sound sometimes described similar to “Modern Baseball band”, or Sounds like The Front Bottoms.

Sunny The was a duo of boys uploading covers and demos on YouTube playing their music on the streets. Through street-performing and working full-time jobs, they were able to save up enough to take their songs to a studio and professionally record and release it publicly on all platforms. Their songs are written with a touch of humor and self-awareness, expressing the struggles of being young, broke, awkward and having no AC in your car.

i can’t wait til i get home
i’ll do what i do best

no one tells me what to do
and i can get my rest

and i know i’ve got to bills
and i know that i’ve got work
and i know that actions speak louder than words
especially when they’re not listening
you’re gonna hear me

i believe that i deserve some recognition for my efforts

Who is: Sunny The,
Ryan Bruce and Jason Beck.

#music #indie #rock #indierock



Sounds like:

The Front Bottoms

Modern Baseball

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